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About us

At Fincas SASI we're a team of professionals who understand all your concerns when selling, buying or renting a property.
We all know what's involved with selling and buying our own home, so we perfectly understand your concerns, worries, etc.

Not only do we sell properties at Fincas SASI, but we also help our customers enhance their quality of life, finding them a new property with more rooms

At Fincas SASI we're committed to researching and proving the best solutions for each customer. Our company has been working in the property market in all its forms since 1996. We're registered estate agents (API and AICAT), with offices in Barcelona, Igualada and Alicante.

Services provided by Fincas SASI:
  • Sale and purchase of properties.
  • Rental of properties.
  • Asset management.
  • Organisation and coordination of complete refurbishments.
  • Legal advice.
  • Technical paperwork advice.